The second day has arrived!

From today's commit log:

  • imported existing components
  • wire-framed store
  • use system font
  • removed redundant README's
  • imported theme

Imported Existing Components

This was the bulk of my time. I moved my existing ticket form component over and verified the various functions of the page did not break.

Wire-Framed Store

I created mostly empty files for my object store. They serve nothing more currently than a representation of whats to come and file organization.

Use System font

This one was a minor change but albeit a significant one.

$body-font-family: -apple-system, system-ui, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", Roboto !default;
The value for web authors is to be able to make sites that fit in with native platforms without having to write lots of complicated, redundant CSS. One case where this is hard right now is matching platforms’ system UI fonts.

Removed redundant README's

The was a chore but necessary to clean up the directories with all the scattered files every where that were generated by the Nuxt framework.

Imported Theme

Lastly, I imported my existing theme.

themes: {
  light: {
    primary: colors.amber.darken1,
    accent: colors.amber.base
  dark: {
    primary: colors.amber.darken2,
    accent: colors.amber.darken1,
    secondary: colors.amber.darken3,
    info: colors.teal.lighten1,
    warning: colors.amber.base

Final Thoughts

I feel like today went very well. Once I complete the first part of my task list I will bump the version to `0.1.0`. Very exciting!